Wellness & Vaccinations

At Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center, we truly believe that the best thing you could ever do for your cherished pet is to provide them with quality wellness care throughout their lifetime. Veterinary care isn’t just for when your pet is sick, but rather it’s something your pet should receive on a regular basis to help prevent illness, and to extend and improve his or her quality of life. The wellness services provided at Noah’s have been designed to address the unique needs of our patients as they age, from puppy and kittenhood right through the golden years, and every milestone along the way.

We have created a comprehensive yet affordable system of care that will support your pet’s ongoing health over the course of his or her lifetime. We provide a wide range of services, from routine physical exams to nutritional and behavioral counseling. We’re prepared to do whatever it takes to help your companion enjoy a lifetime of good health.

One of the biggest benefits of making a commitment to routine wellness care is the opportunity these annual or semi-annual visits provide for our doctors to identify and address potential medical concerns before they develop into a more serious and costly problem. Early detection of disease is critically important, because it can vastly improve the chances of a positive outcome for your pet. It’s also much less expensive to prevent and address early onset of illness than it is to treat it once it’s progressed.

The comprehensive wellness and preventative health care recommendations for patients of Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center include:

12 Body System Examination – Wellness visits include a thorough physical exam by checking all twelve body systems. This is recommended every six months since our pets age seven times faster than we do.

Customized Vaccination Plan – Vaccinations play a vital role in protecting your pet from a variety of serious and sometimes even life threatening diseases. Not every vaccine available is right for every pet, however. As part of your pet’s wellness visit, we’ll carefully consider the specific risk factors of your companion based on age, health and lifestyle so that we can develop a vaccination plan that is tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Preventative Blood Work – With many animals, it can be difficult to recognize the signs of a potential medical problem on the surface of the skin. Wellness visits include routine and preventative blood work to help us identify any potential concerns so we can address them in a timely manner.

Preventative Dental Care – Good oral health goes hand in hand with routine wellness care, and is an essential part of our routine health care services. We’ll examine your pet’s teeth and gums, and provide recommendations for dental care products and techniques you can use to keep your pet’s mouth healthy at home.

Parasite Prevention – Without the proper protection, your pet could be susceptible to a wide variety of dangerous parasites, both internal and external. Some parasites can even be passed along to the humans in your home, placing everyone at risk. We’ll develop a customized parasite prevention plan to keep your pet and your family safe.

Nutrition – Proper nutrition can help extend your pet’s life and keep them healthy throughout the years. It can also assist in managing a variety of existing illnesses and diseases, sometimes reducing or even eliminating the need for medication. As part of your pet’s routine wellness care, we’ll provide advice and guidance to ensure you’re feeding your pet the right diet to support their ongoing good health.

Grooming and Bathing – Keeping your pet healthy on the outside is just as important as how well they are on the inside. Routine grooming promotes healthy skin and a clean coat, and provides us with the opportunity to identify and address potential skin problems and/or the existence of any external parasites.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, bringing your pet in for regular checkups provides us with the opportunity to get to know you and your pet better and to develop the important lifelong bond between doctor and patient. The better we understand you and the needs of your pet, the more customized approach we can provide and the better the quality of care we can offer. We want to become your trusted partner in all of your pet care needs, and to help your pet enjoy a long, happy and healthy life by your side.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Packages

Our comprehensive “Puppy Packs” and “Kitten Kits” have been specifically designed to provide your new four-legged family member with a better chance of developing into a happy, healthy adult dog or cat. These affordable wellness care packages include the following:

  • Noah’s 12 Body System Physical Exam
  • Customized Vaccination Plan
  • Fecal Examination
  • De-Worming Medication

We also include a complimentary dose of parasite prevention as a part of each pet’s first visit.

At Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center, we know you want what’s best for your animal companion and we want to help you achieve that goal. Let us work with you, every step of the way, to provide your pet with all of the care and attention he or she needs to enjoy a lifetime of good health!

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