At some point during your pet’s life, chances are he or she will face the need to undergo surgery, whether it’s something routine like a spay or neuter, or a procedure that is more complex and medically necessary to keep your pet healthy. At Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center, we understand that this can be a difficult and nerve wracking time for both you and your pet, which is why we’ll do everything within our power to make the experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible for everyone involved. We want you to feel confident that when you entrust your animal companion to our surgical team, he or she will be in excellent hands!

We offer an extensive range of surgical services, from routine to complex, all performed by our highly skilled veterinarians who always adhere to the highest standards of safety and care. In addition to our experienced doctors, our well trained support staff of veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants are on hand to assist with surgery and monitor our patients. At Noah’s Brandywine, the safety and comfort of our surgical patients is always our highest priority.

Prior to any procedure being performed, all patients receive a thorough exam, including in-depth diagnostic testing, to ensure that they are well enough to undergo surgery. We never want to place our patients at risk, especially those that are older or who may suffer from existing medical conditions. We’ll take every measure necessary to deliver a surgical experience that is as safe and effective as possible.

During surgery, patients are kept comfortable on our heated surgery tables and their vital signs, such as heart rate, EKG, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation are closely monitored by our highly skilled technicians using the most modern equipment available. We use only the safest available anesthetic products, and tailor our pain management approach to each patient’s unique needs. Our doctors deliver surgical care with precision using the most up to date techniques. All of this allows us to achieve the best possible outcome for your pet while keeping them as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Once surgery has been completed, patients are relocated to our serene recovery area, where they will continue to be monitored as they come out of the anesthesia. A member of our friendly staff will contact you to explain how the procedure went and to arrange for you to come pick up your pet. When you arrive, we’ll go over any post-operative care instructions that we have, including an appropriate pain management plan to help your pet recover comfortably.

Whether you’ve chosen to have an elective surgery for your pet, like a spay or neuter procedure, or the surgery required is of a more urgent and medically necessary nature, our surgical team will be here to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for you both. Whatever your pet’s surgical care needs, we’re here to help!

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