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Dr. Jennifer Pinkerton


Dr. Jennifer Pinkerton’s great grandfather had a lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian that he was unable to achieve. Three generations later she achieved his goal.

Dr. Pinkerton is originally from Brazil, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in anthropology and then completed graduate work in anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh. During her graduate studies she decided she enjoyed working with animal a bit more than people and switched her career path to veterinary medicine.

She is a 1999 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. She spent her first 4-years practicing in Florida but has been practicing in Central Indiana since 2003.

Her non-veterinary interests include travel. She has visited all 50 states and has visited many countries all over the world as well. She currently lives with two dogs, two cats, three chickens as well as a teenage daughter.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Pinkerton

Dr. Julie Lada


As a rat owner, Dr. Julie Lada found that it was difficult to find a veterinarian who was both skilled and passionate when it came to her rodent pet’s health. She decided to do something about it, and vowed to herself that she would one day be able to provide quality medical care for animals of all types! Now, Dr. Lada tends to pets daily as an Associate Veterinarian here at Noah’s Brandywine Animal Hospital.

Dr. Lada is a native of Marion, Indiana, and attended Purdue University to earn her undergraduate degree in pre-veterinary medicine and animal science. During her studies, she worked as a kennel assistant, a research laboratory animal caretaker, a veterinary assistant, and even volunteered as a part-time zookeeper assistant and exotic-animal rescue worker! After earning her degree, Dr. Lada headed to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts to attend veterinary school at Ross University. She then completed her clinical year at the University of Illinois before relocating to Indianapolis with her husband in 2014.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Lada particularly enjoys the visual aspect of radiology and cytology work, and has a special passion for behavioral medicine. She also loves working with exotic pets, and is proud that she’s able to care for every member of a client’s animal family, from a lizard to a German shepherd.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Dr. Lada enjoys cooking, gardening, and scuba diving. She has fond memories of swimming side-by-side with sea turtles and enormous stingrays while doing reef research in the Caribbean! Dr. Lada lives with her husband and several pets of her own: a pit bull mix named Rowdy, Nic the leopard gecko, Reggie the ball python, and six cats named Mama, Castiel, Dean, Crowley, Mallory, and Willow.

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Photo of Dr. Julie  Lada

Dr. Jennifer Crowe


Dr. Jennifer Crowe cannot remember a time when she didn’t want to become a veterinarian—she’s felt that a job in animal care was her true calling ever since she was a young girl. She even recalls taking a career-placement test in the second grade, the results of which suggested that working in medicine was the perfect fit! Dr. Crowe never gave up on her dream, and now gets to better the lives of pets daily as a licensed veterinarian here at Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center.

Originally from Southern California, Dr. Crowe was only 16 years old when she began volunteering in the adoption center of a local animal welfare organization, where she helped to walk, clean up after, and provide basic training to dogs. After high school, she moved to Indiana to begin studying animal care at the University of Indianapolis; she started working as a member of a local veterinary hospital’s kennel staff within her first two weeks there. Seven years later, after earning both her undergraduate degree and her Doctorate, Dr. Crowe was the clinic’s newest veterinarian.

Dr. Crowe first heard about an opening in the Noah’s Animal Hospitals organization through her mother-in-law. She spent a year in the Greenwood office before joining the team here at Noah’s Brandywine Animal Health Care Center in 2016. In addition to her love of surgical work, Dr. Crowe is especially fond of educating local pet owners and forming lasting relationships with the area’s families. She even serves as “Pet Vet” for Channel 13-WTHR’s Saturday morning television segment!

Outside of work, Dr. Crowe enjoys sewing and visiting Indianapolis’s attractions with her family. She and her husband, Charlie, have two young children named Charles and Ruth, and also share their home with a pair of pets: Pandi is a rambunctious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy who is just as full of energy as the kids; Gus the cat considers himself the official defender of the barn.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Crowe

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