Obesity in Cats

Is your feline friend looking a bit round lately? If so, your furball may be overweight, or even obese. Kitty might look cute, but those extra pounds can have some very serious effects on her health. In this article, your local Greenfield veterinarian discusses obesity in cats.

Causes of Obesity

As one might expect, diet and exercise play a huge role in Kitty’s weight. Some studies show that kitties who eat only dry food are more likely to become obese than those who eat canned food. Dry food has a higher carbohydrate content, and is more caloric than wet food. Giving your furball 24/7 access to food can also be detrimental in some cases. Sometimes kitties will gain weight due to age or medical reasons, so if you don’t think your feline buddy is overeating, consult your vet. Fluffy may need an examination to rule out medical issues.

Dangers of Obesity

There are some very definitive health risks associated with obesity in cats. Being overweight puts an extra strain on Kitty’s internal organs, which can lead to serious trouble. Diabetes, liver disease, skin problems, lameness, and heart trouble are some of the medical problems obesity can contribute to in kitties. Your furball’s lifespan could even be shortened!

Controlling Kitty’s Weight

Your furball might spend as much as one third of her time sleeping. Try to keep her moving when she is awake by tempting her with interactive toys like laser pointers and feather wands. You can’t force Fluffy to get off the couch, but most kitties can be tempted into a few minutes of playtime. A few short sessions a day tend to work best. Even five minutes at a time will benefit your feline friend.

Weight Loss

If your furball is obese, you’ll need to consult with a veterinarian and get professional advice on how to help her slim down. Never put Fluffy on a crash diet, as this can shock her metabolism, which is very dangerous for our feline pals. Kitty will need to lose weight gradually to ensure that her health is not compromised.

Do you have questions about caring for your kitty? Do you suspect that Fluffy is overweight? Please contact us to schedule a consultation. As your Greenfield vet clinic, we are here to serve all of your veterinary care needs.

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