How to Clip Your Cat’s Claws

Do your kitty’s claws sometimes get stuck in the carpet as she’s walking? Is she scratching up your furniture? If so, it might be time for Fluffy to get a manicure. Many people who are owned by cats are a bit leery about clipping Kitty’s claws themselves. While some kitties are definitely more amiable to getting manicures than others are, you won’t necessarily wind up scratched and bleeding if you try clipping your feline buddy’s claws yourself. Below, your vet Hancock County gives tips on clipping Kitty’s claws.


It’s much easier to train a kitten to sit still for manicures than to train an adult cat. If Fluffy is still a kitten, you’ve got a definite advantage! Whether your furball is a bouncing ball of fur or a full-grown couch potato, you’ll want to start the same way: by handling her paws. If Kitty is a lap cat, you can sneak this part of her training into cuddle time. Sit down with your furball in your lap, facing away from you. Massage her paw, then squeeze gently to make that little claw pop out. Pet her, praise her, and add some of her favorite treats in to sweeten the deal. Repeat this cycle several times, with all of those furry little toes, until Kitty doesn’t even blink when you manipulate her claws.

When To Trim

Choosing the right moment is very important. Don’t clip Fluffy’s claws immediately after a play session or if she’s feeling frisky. You also want to hold off if your furball has just had a run-in with another animal, or been frightened or angered. Pick a time when Kitty is relaxed and sleepy. Since most cats sleep most of the day, this shouldn’t be hard.

How To Trim

While you’re manipulating your feline friend’s cute little toes, inspect her claws. You should see a pinkish area in the thicker part of the claw. This is the quick, which is where Kitty’s nerves and blood vessels end. Be very careful not to cut into the quick, as this will hurt Fluffy and cause bleeding. It could very possibly be painful for you too, if your furball reacts by lashing out!

If your furball becomes agitated and won’t sit still for manicures, you can always schedule a quick appointment. As your local vet clinic Hancock County, we are happy to help!


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