Simple Senior Dog Care Guidelines

Your terrier mix Sammy just turned twelve years old, and he celebrated with a rip-roaring party attended by several canine buddies. While Sammy only tolerated that little birthday hat for 10 minutes, you got some great pictures before he destroyed it. Since you want Sammy to continue enjoying life, you’ve asked your veterinarian from Greenfield to give your playful pooch a thorough physical exam. Tell the vet if Sammy’s food and water consumption habits have changed; and whether your feisty dog shows any difference in his urination and defecation behaviors. Read more about senior dog care.

Tailored Senior Dog Nutrition

Sammy has always scarfed up his nutritionally balanced adult dog food. Sammy’s food blend has provided quality protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. While Sammy still needs these components, the proportions might have changed.

Also, since Sammy doesn’t race around like crazy these days, he needs to ramp down his calorie consumption. After viewing Sammy’s nutritional needs and activity level, the vet can prescribe the proper diet for your older canine family member. Finally, if Sammy has developed a chronic medical condition, your vet can recommend a specialty diet that works well with your dog’s treatment.

Vaccinations Still Provide Protection

Even though Sammy’s a seasoned canine citizen, he still requires protection against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. After viewing Sammy’s age, lifestyle, and health status, your vet will administer the proper vaccinations.

Dental Care Is Important

Healthy teeth and gums allow Sammy to enjoy his delicious kibbles. Also, you don’t want Sammy to develop often-painful dental disease, as that can potentially result in internal organ infections.

To keep Sammy’s mouth in good shape, your vet will examine your pooch’s teeth during regular physical exams. Sammy will probably need a complete dental cleaning, which your vet performs while Sammy’s under anesthesia. While the vet banishes that evil plaque, tartar, and bacteria, a technician closely watches Sammy’s vital signs. Once Sammy’s teeth gleam, the vet might recommend a dental diet; and he’ll certainly recommend regular tooth brushing. Ask if dental chew toys will improve Sammy’s dental health.

Regular Light Exercise Is Key

Sammy definitely wants to keep moving, and consistent light exercise helps him fend off obesity. Ask if Sammy can continue his daily walks, play some gentle indoor fetch, and swim in a warm pool. If Sammy seems to experience pain when he stands, walks normally, or scales the steps, alert your vet. The vet can prescribe medications and/or therapies that can improve Sammy’s quality of life.

By scheduling twice-yearly checkups, your Greenfield vet can fine-tune Sammy’s senior care program. After all, you want Sammy to continue to enjoy his life with your family.

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