Banish Your Cat’s Spraying Behavior

Your bossy male tabby Max has established his household superiority. First, Max swiped and batted your other two cats into their pecking order spots, and then he bullied your Labrador retriever Harley into submission. Now, Max is determined to show your home’s human occupants who’s boss, so he’s putting his personal scent on everything in the house. For the past two days, Max has ignored his litter box, instead standing upright and blasting a pungent stream of male cat urine onto your carpet, walls, and furniture. Max has deposited urine in so many places, you might never find it all. After only two days, you’re desperate for professional help. You’ve asked your Greenfield veterinarian to stop Max’s unacceptable behavior in its tracks.

Out-of-Control Hormones

Pinpointing Max’s problem is easy: he’s overflowing with male sex hormones that make him assert his dominance. If Max isn’t neutered, make that appointment immediately. Once Max’s sex hormones aren’t ruling his life, his spraying should gradually decrease. Get your female cat Jasmine spayed, too, as she can also do some respectable spraying.

Nix That Nauseating Smell

Max’s fermenting cat urine permeates your entire home, soaking into carpets and furniture and staining the walls. An enzymatic cleaner will help to remove the smell, although you might have to apply the cleaner several times. Now some good news: once Max’s previously marked surfaces have lost their urine odor, he probably won’t pee on those areas again. Consider spraying a feline pheromone on those spots so Max will mark them with his face. Ask your vet if the pheromones will help; if so, ask him for a product recommendation.

Add Multiple Cat Potty Stations

Give Max plenty of litter boxes so he has no excuse for ruining your home. Place the boxes in Max’s favorite hangouts. Also, adding more boxes lets Max urinate in privacy, instead of glaring at your other two cats while he does his business.

Exercise Your Cat’s Mind Muscles

Since Max is obviously a smart cookie, challenge his mind with something more constructive than charting his spraying behavior. Make Max work for his snacks by giving him several treat puzzles. Purchasing some interactive cat toys might also help, but remember that run-of-the-mill toys might not stimulate his mind. While you’d currently like to banish Max from your sight, giving him some extra playtime might help him forget about spraying your house.

Whatever you do, don’t punish Max for spraying, as that might make him angrier and lead to spraying in your bedroom. Continue to ask your Greenfield vet for help in abolishing Max’s unwelcome behavior. Also, remember that under all Max’s bluster he’s still a charming cat who’s a valued member of your family.

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