Why Your Dog Trembles

Does your Greenfield dog sometimes shake or tremble? If so, you may be wondering what causes Fido’s tremors. Dogs can shake for many reasons. It could be a simple case of nerves, or an indication of something more serious. You’ll definitely want to speak to your vet about your dog’s shaking and get their recommendations.

Here are a few reasons dogs sometimes tremble:


Fear is one common cause for shaking in dogs. You may notice your furry pal trembles during thunderstorms, or perhaps while in the waiting room at the veterinary clinic. Unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds can be quite overwhelming for our canine friends. Thundershirts can be very helpful in keeping dogs calm, particularly during thunderstorms or other loud events.


Dogs will sometimes shake when they are feeling nauseous or have an upset tummy. If you notice Fido shakes during car rides, he may be getting carsick. If your pooch is prone to eating things that aren’t food, there’s also a chance he may have swallowed something harmful. If you suspect your pup may have eaten something he shouldn’t have, contact your vet immediately.


Some dogs develop tremors as they age. This may be an indication of pain, perhaps caused by a chronic condition such as arthritis. If you notice your senior dog shaking, make an appointment to get him checked out.


Generalized Tremor Syndrome, also known as GTS, is a more chronic type of shaking. Another name for GTS is white shaker dog syndrome. As the nickname indicates, small white dogs seem to be more susceptible to this syndrome. Maltese Terriers and West Highland white terriers are particularly prone to shaking, so if your dog has either of these breeds in his bloodline, it could be hereditary.


Shaking can also sometimes be a sign of serious illness. If your furry pal shows any sign of illness when trembling, such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, or unusual behavior, call your vet immediately.


Shaking isn’t always a sign that Fido is upset or feeling ill. Some dogs tremble out of sheer excitement. If you just took dog treats out of your grocery bags, and you notice your dog shivering, he may be literally shaking with anticipation. Our canine friends are also smart enough to realize that shaking may get them cuddles and attention, and they are fully capable of trembling as a way of begging for some quality time with their best friend.

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