Moving Long Distance with Your Cat

Are you wondering how to best transport your cat to or from Hancock County if you are moving long distance? We strongly recommend that your pet travel with you; Kitty is part of the family, after all, and although she may not exactly love the journey, she’ll be both safer and less stressed with you than she would be traveling alone. While there are reputable companies that transport pets, they can be quite expensive, and it may take several days to get your feline friend from point A to point B. Most people find bringing their cats with them a much better option.

Here are a few tips for moving with Kitty:

Get Kitty a Large Crate

A dog crate or a large collapsible nylon crate will make your furball more comfortable. Give her a little bit of food and water, her bed, and a few of your favorite toys. If you already have a box carrier, bring it, and use that to carry Fluffy in and out of hotel rooms.

Sedate Your Furball

Cats in general are not fond of car trips, and even those kitties that enjoy car rides may get restless on a long drive. Driving long distances can be trying enough without your furball yelling at you the entire way. Check with your vet about sedating your cat for the journey. Kitty will sleep peacefully, and you’ll have a much quieter trip.

Plan Ahead

Check in advance for pet-friendly hotels. Smartphones make it much easier to find suitable accommodations, but you may find yourself in a dead zone while traveling, so print out a list of possible hotels before you leave. Don’t just use the ones along intended stops, but include the ones in between as well, so if you get delayed or make better time than expected you aren’t scrambling to find a resting spot at the last minute.


Make sure your cat is current on all vaccinations before leaving. You’ll also want to check with your current vet to see if he can offer any recommendations for finding a vet in your new locale.

Learn Your Fauna

A new environment may very likely have plants that will be unfamiliar to your cat, and Kitty may want to see how they taste. Before moving, do a quick search on plants in your new area that are toxic to cats, and, if your cat has outdoor access, run a quick sweep of your new yard shortly after arrival.

Whether you are moving to Hancock County or moving away, we wish you and your furry companions a safe journey, and hope that you are very happy in your new home!

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