Multi-Cat Households

Are you considering adding a second or third cat to your Greenfield home? If so, you’ll want to think it through very carefully before deciding. Cats are solitary animals by nature, but these little furballs are very adaptable, and can usually learn to live together peacefully, or at least tolerate one another, but it isn’t guaranteed. The individual personalities of your cats will have quite a bit to do with how well they get along. Some cats are more aggressive than others are. If your resident cat tends to act aggressive when a strange cat wanders through the yard, chances are, Fluffy will not be happy about getting a feline roommate.

Here are a few tips on life with multiple kitties:

Kitty Quarters

One way to help keep the peace is to make sure you have plenty of room for each of your kitties. Cat trees and window perches are great, but make sure you have enough perching spots for all your feline buddies, or they may fight over the available spaces. You’ll want to be sure your home has plenty of cat-friendly spots, such as kitty houses or beds, so your cats all have places to retreat. You’ll also want multiple feeding stations.

Litter Boxes

A good rule of thumb for multi cat homes is to have one more litter box than you do cats. Your kitties may not necessarily claim individual litter boxes, but at least the bathroom won’t be crowded. It’s a good idea to get covered litter boxes, which will help with odor and litter overflow.


Cats take first impressions very seriously, so you’ll want to proceed with caution when introducing a newcomer. Your new kitty should be quarantined in a separate room for the first few days. This will give the kitties time to smell each other through the door, and get used to each other’s scents. When it comes time for the furballs to meet, one good method is to bring the new arrival out into a neutral area, such as the living room, while still in a carrier. You can expect some hissing, posturing, and batting at first, and your kitties may even wrestle. If your cats are fighting, separate them immediately, and try again later. The scuffles should diminish over time, though it could take a while: cats can take up to a year to get used to one another.

With a bit of patience, some time, and proper tactics, you may be treated to one of the cutest sights a cat owner can hope for: your kitties snuggled up together in your Greenfield home.

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