Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only kind of pet you should adopt is a young one—for many people, welcoming an older pet into the home has many advantages. Here, a Greenfield veterinarian discusses three of the most prominent.


Since older pets may very likely have already lived with humans, they probably already have manners. They’ve been socialized to humans and know how to interact with families. Older pets likely know how to live in a home, use a litter box, wear a leash, get into a pet carrier, and ride in the car. Plus, they might be comfortable living with other pets, so if you already have furry friends in your home, the introductions should go smoothly.


Aside from manners, older pets may already have training they received from their previous owners. There’s a good bet the older pet you’re considering adopting knows how to tell you they have to go outside, knows what “sit” and “stay” mean, or can respond to other basic commands. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy getting your new pet to learn commands, because they may already come built in!


Some pet owners don’t want to deal with the high energy and rambunctious nature of a young puppy or kitten. Older pets are much calmer, and it’s simply more relaxing to spend time with them. Plus, older pets are past the chew-everything-in-sight stage, so your furniture, shoes, and purse will be saved from a younger pet’s hungry jaws. In addition, older pets don’t need constant, 24-7 supervision like a young animal does, who might get into mischief around every corner. If you’re not looking to deal with the behavior patterns of a young animal, adopting an older pet might be just the right move.

Talk to your Greenfield veterinarian about shelters in your area, and ask about more advantages of making an older pet the newest member of your family.

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