Traveling by Car with Your Kitten

It’s a good idea to get your kitten acclimated to car travel early on in her life—whether you’re taking a road trip or just a ride to the vet’s office, things will go a lot smoother if your kitten is familiar with the process. Use these tips from a Greenfield vet to travel safely.

Acclimate Slowly

Begin by getting your kitten used to the car. Leave your car sit in the driveway and put your kitten in the backseat, letting her explore. Eventually, try turning on the engine. Over time, your kitten should get used to the sound and sensation of the car, allowing her to remain calm when a real drive comes along!

Always Use a Carrier

When traveling, always keep your kitten in her carrier. Allowing a kitten to roam free inside a moving vehicle is a recipe for disaster! Put soft blankets in the carrier and have someone sit with your kitten the whole ride, especially on longer trips. Try securing the carrier with a seatbelt or bungee cords if it tends to rock around.

Regulate Temperature

Many people forget about the temperature during the car ride. A heater on full blast might make your kitten’s tiny body overheat quickly, but air conditioning can make her quite cold. It’s best to keep temperatures moderate for the duration of your drive. If it’s warm out, cracking a window might be appropriate.

Take Rest Stops Frequently

This is especially important on longer drives. Pull over at gas stations or rest stops to take breaks, let your kitten use the litter box, and give her food or water if necessary. Never let your kitten out of your sight during these breaks—a trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if a kitten were to get out at a rest stop or gas pump!

Your Greenfield veterinarian can offer more helpful car travel tips for the kitten owner, so call or make an appointment today.

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