Pet Health for the Spring

Finally, the warm breeze and blooming vegetation of spring are here. Are your pets prepared to face the hazards of the season? Use your Greenfield vet’s tips to keep your pet safe from the following springtime dangers:


We aren’t the only ones who might have to deal with the sniffling and sneezing of springtime allergies. Dogs and cats can also react to the increase of pollen in the air, as well as dust, dirt, dander, mold, and various other allergens. If you suspect your pet is having allergic reactions, set up an appointment with your vet immediately. Medications and environmental changes can work wonders to manage a pet’s allergies.

Warm-Weather Pests

Springtime pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and parasitic worms like to come out of hiding this time of year. Make sure they don’t hitch a ride on your pet! Keep your pet on year-round preventatives to fight off these pests and avoid dangerous infections and illnesses. Your veterinarian can tell you what your pet should be on, so call the clinic today.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

Heading out to tend the garden or spruce up the lawn? Make sure your pet is secured indoors if you’re spraying fertilizers on your lawn or pesticides on your garden plants. These products contain dangerous chemicals that could poison a pet. Should a curious dog or cat decide to nibble on some treated vegetation, severe health symptoms could result.


Many pets, particularly cats, like to lounge by windows during the springtime, soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the cool breeze. Even graceful cats, though, can fall out of open or improperly-screened windows! Serious trauma can result from falls, so make sure every window in your home has a sturdy screen.

Spring Cleaning

Many of the products you might use during your spring cleaning session contain hazardous chemicals. It’s safest to keep your pets in another room while you’re cleaning. Also be sure to store all cleaning solutions at the top of closed closets or cabinets, where pets have no chance of reaching them.

By taking a few simple precautions, your pet will stay safe and happy this spring. Ask your Greenfield veterinarian for more helpful seasonal tips.

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