How to Keep Your Cat Off the Kitchen Table

Do you keep noticing paw marks on your kitchen table when you come home? If you want your cat to stop jumping up on the table, try these suggestions from a Greenfield veterinarian.

Provide an Outlet for Climbing Behavior

Since cats are natural climbers, their instincts drive them to go up. That may lead them to your kitchen table or countertops! You may be able to solve the problem by providing your cat with an outlet for these instincts in the form of a cat jungle gym. Purchase these cat furniture structures at pet supply stores, retail stores, or certain veterinarian’s offices. This way, your cat has an acceptable high perch to climb around on and survey her area from.

Don’t Leave Food on Counter

If your cat jumps up on the table or counter and finds a tasty reward there, her behavior will only be encouraged. In fact, some cats get onto tables and countertops specifically to hunt for food morsels left there by owners. Put all cat treats and human food away where your cat can’t get to it. Also make sure your cat is getting enough of her kibble to satisfy her dietary needs—hungry cats may go in search of alternative food sources.

Discourage and Deter

If the above methods don’t seem to make a difference, you’ll have to move on to conditioning your cat against getting to the areas. Try environmental discouragers; put some cookie sheets on the edge of the table. When your cat jumps up, she’ll knock over the sheets. The resulting rattle and bangs will startle your cat sufficiently so she avoids the area completely.

Deterrent devices can also work. Some make a loud noise when your cat approaches the table, and some blow a burst of compressed air to startle a cat. Your veterinarian can offer a recommendation on these devices and if they might work with your cat’s behavior problem.

Call your Greenfield vet’s office if you’re still having trouble. With a little time and patience, you can get your kitty to stick to her own areas, instead of where you eat!

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