Keeping Your Dog’s Eyes and Ears Clean

Your dog’s eyes and ears are vital organs, just as they are to every animal. Dog’s aren’t the greatest at keeping their eyes and ears clean themselves, so dog owners should be aware of the proper techniques and tools for doing so. Read more below as a Greenfield veterinarian tells you how to maintain clean eyes and ears on your dog.

Eye Cleaning

For longhaired dog breeds, keep excess hair around the eyes trimmed regularly so it doesn’t get into the eyeball and irritate it. You can either do the trimming yourself—ask your vet about the proper tools—or see a certified dog groomer.

Many dogs’ tears collect beneath their eyes and cause discoloration on the fur, resulting in brown, pink, or yellow blotches. These “tearstains” are not an immediate medical emergency, but it’s a good idea to remove them on a regular basis. Wipe the area with a soft tissue—it might help to slightly dampen the tissue first. Be gentle, and make sure your dog is calm while you wipe the secretion off of his eyes.

Ear Cleaning

The ears of dogs, especially those of floppy-eared breeds, are hotspots for bacteria, pests, wax, and yeast that can cause infection and pain. With regular cleaning by the dog’s owner, these incidents can be avoided. If your dog does appear to be in pain or any redness, swelling, pus, or bleeding is occurring around the ears, see your vet immediately.

Get some cotton balls and dip them in alcohol, a vinegar and water mixture, or a commercially-available ear cleaning solution. Your veterinarian can advise you further on these products and which of these solutions might be right for your dog. Take the cotton balls and rub them gently around your dog’s ear flaps and around the opening to the ear canal, taking care to remove any dirt or wax present. Never push hard or poke. Allow your dog to shake his head to remove excess solution.

The timeframes for these procedures will vary based on your dog’s cleanliness, daily routine, and bodily functions. Some dog owners might have to clean the eyes and ears once a week, while some can get by with a few times a month. Consult your Greenfield vet for a good eye and ear cleaning timetable for you and your pet, and ask about more procedures and tips for good cleanliness and health for your dog.


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